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Pristine WorkspacePristine Web Designs, LLC is an experienced website design, maintenance and advisory resource that focuses on personalizing online presence and user experience.

It was started to focus on the needs of the small business owner and individuals looking to establish an effective online presence for their products and services. We have developed our services around our ability to help small shops and individuals get in touch with their otherwise untapped resources in the online market.

We focus on bridging the gap between our expertise with websites, online marketing, social media, Search Engine Optimization and all of the wonderful things that add up to an effective presence, and our clients knowledge about the 'when', 'why' and 'how' questions that come naturally when building a website, reaching out to the online market and everything between.

By creating a personalized program to best suit the clients’ needs, we can make sure that we maximize our time, energies and talents to make our clients more knowledgeable about the industry, satisfied with our results and looking forward to working with us again.

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Our Services

Customized Websites

Completely designed from scratch, your website is customized to fit your ideal customers and maximize your online persona the way you’ve always envisioned it. Unique layouts, personalized color schemes and specialized features combine to compliment your business exactly the way you want.

Website Maintenance

Need to update content on your website and don’t have the time to do it? Our team will work with you to fix those pesky bugs, back-up your data and maintain your website the way you want it. Send us an email with your website name to get started!

Do-It-Yourself Help

Determined to make your own site but frustrated with a particular road block? Not sure where to get started or what features to add? Our team can meet with you for advice, that little extra push you might need in order to get started or even for a final look to make sure those finishing touches are perfected!

Our Team

Meghan Polis


With over 10 years of experience, Meghan is excited to be using what she has learned to make the best websites she can. As a graduate of Sacred Heart University with a degree in Computer Science focusing on Programming and Web Development, she established a strong foundation of working knowledge in the industry.

Meghan has had exposure working for the Information Technology departments at multiple large corporations, a small pharmaceutical company and a few other small start-up businesses. Mix that with a lot of free lance jobs over the last few years, she knows her way around the software and website worlds.

As a web developer, she spends her days staring at the computer making magic happen and enjoying every minute of it. Her determination to get paid for doing what she loves has come true with Pristine Web Designs.

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